Fixing Picture Display Issues on a Website

A few weeks ago, my website was working fine. Each page had a pretty picture at the top with the page name on the picture. The picture used to be as wide as the page and the words below had a bit of space on the sides.

Then someone updated something on my website. I’m not sure if it was the theme or the plugins or WordPress. Now, the picture doesn’t stretch all the way across the page. The only way to fix it is to change the page template, but then everything on the page gets stretched out, which I don’t want. I only want the pretty picture to be as wide as the page.

I talked to the people who made the theme, and they said it wasn’t their fault, but it was the fault of Gutentor. I looked up their instructions, and they said that the way the page looks is based on the theme. I tried using the Customizer and writing some code, but I don’t understand it. Now, I’m thinking about making a “child” theme and editing that. But I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t know what to change to make the pretty picture stretch all the way across the page again.

I have a picture below to show what I want (the pretty picture stretching all the way across) and also the text from the theme that I’m thinking of changing. Can anyone help me know what to change in the text and if it’s the right thing to change? Thank you!

Recently, website owners may have experienced an issue with wide pictures not displaying correctly on their website. This is likely due to recent updates made to the website’s theme or plugins. The issue can be solved with some simple steps.

First, determine if the fault lies with the website’s theme or with a plugin. This can be done by speaking with the theme developers, who will be able to provide instructions and guidance.

If the issue is due to the theme, a ‘child theme’ can be created by copying the existing theme options. Once the ‘parent’ and ‘child’ themes are both enabled, the customizer can be used to get the pictures to stretch across the page again. Alternatively, code can also be written to solve this issue.

Creating and editing a ‘child’ theme can be somewhat difficult to do, but there are plenty of resources available, such as tutorials and user forums, which can help with the process. Once this process has been completed, the website’s pictures should look correct and stretch across the page, as intended.