Create Custom User ID Cards with QR Code Integration for Your Membership Site

User ID Card for Membersite

Hi, if you are creating a membership site that requires certain levels of membership to have an identity card, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can create a user ID card with a QR code that links to a mobile-friendly view showing important information about the member.

Choosing the Right Solution

When it comes to managing memberships and training currency, you mentioned that you are currently using Memberpress/Learndash. However, if you are still in the development phase and open to other solutions, there are a few plugins that can help you achieve your goal.

1. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member is a popular WordPress membership plugin that allows you to create custom user profiles and generate ID cards for your members. It provides various fields and settings to customize the information displayed on the ID card, including member photos, training currency, animal names, and other relevant details. Additionally, Ultimate Member offers integration with QR codes, making it easy to generate unique codes for each member’s ID card.

2. MemberPress

MemberPress, the plugin you mentioned, also offers features that can help you generate user ID cards. It allows you to create custom fields and designs for your membership profiles, including the necessary information for an ID card. MemberPress also supports QR code integration, enabling you to create scannable codes that link to a mobile-friendly view displaying the member’s ID card.

3. WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships is another plugin that you can consider for creating user ID cards. While primarily designed for managing e-commerce memberships, it offers flexible options to include additional information on the ID cards. With WooCommerce Memberships, you can use custom fields to gather the required data and generate QR codes for easy access to the member’s ID card.

4. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a comprehensive community plugin that allows you to create social networks and membership sites. It provides extensive profile customization options, allowing you to add fields for photo, training currency, animal names, and more. QR code integration can be achieved through additional BuddyPress plugins like BP Profile QR Code.

These are just a few examples of plugins that can assist you in creating user ID cards for your membership site. It’s important to evaluate each solution based on your specific requirements and the compatibility with your existing plugins and site structure.


Creating user ID cards for your membership site enhances the professionalism and credibility of your organization. By using plugins like Ultimate Member, MemberPress, WooCommerce Memberships, or BuddyPress, you can easily generate ID cards with QR codes linking to mobile-friendly views. Remember to choose a solution that integrates seamlessly with your current setup and meets your unique needs. Good luck with your membership site development!